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Massage Therapist



Chris has been practicing massage therapy for many years- beginning her career by providing medical massages in a chiropractic setting and then transitioning into a spa atmosphere. 

She uses her knowledge of both trigger point locations and gentle yet firm massage techniques to assist in coaxing out stubborn knots to help relax the muscles and the mind. These techniques are especially effective for relieving migraines, pain in the neck & shoulders, and mid & lower back pain.


Chris seeks to ease pain and discomfort, but also provide a relaxing and therapeutic experience. Her goals during a session are to assess what might be the root of your aches and pains but also to provide a thorough massage treatment- leaving all of her clients feeling rejuvenated and tranquil.

Specializing in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone, Trigger Point Massages, and the Gua Sha Facial Massage.